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  • House Rules

    # [[Building Characters]] # [[Hobby Points]] # [[Action Point Expenditure]] # [[Daily Power Expenditure]] # [[Magic Item Creation]] # [[Injuries]] # [[Combat Challenges]]

  • Building Characters

    We start with a 22 point build, as per the rules. We allow players to buy extra points to build with by taking disadvantages, as with the Hero System, only we divide the value of a Hero System disadvantage by 5 for the purpose of determining our point …

  • Hobby Points

    Characters gain 4 "Hobby Points" at first level and one per level thereafter. Character points may be spent on * Becoming trained in a Craft, Profession, or Perform skill. * Gaining a skill specialization. This is a subcategory of a skill that you …

  • Action Point Expenditure

    A character, NPC or monster may spend any number of action points in an encounter, but still only one per round. [[House Rules| Back to House Rules]]

  • Daily Power Expenditure

    There is no limit to the number of daily powers, item or otherwise, which can be spent in an encounter, however, handing an item to another player does not regenerate its daily power. [[House Rules| Back to House Rules]]

  • Magic Item Creation

    When an item is created, it may be designed to be used as an implement for any one class or category of implement, even though its physical form may be quite different. For example, Bards normally use wands as an implement. However a drum can be made to …

  • Injuries

    There are two basic ways to get injuries. * Whenever you are dying, you will get a wound. * Certain traps, and perhaps monsters, will deal out wounds When faced with a wound, first you make a saving throw, if you make it, there is no wound, otherwise …

  • Combat Challenges

    *Offensive Challenge* By taking a -2 penalty to attack, characters may * Gain +2 to damage roll for that attack (single target) or +1 to damage (multiple targets) * Gain +2 to one defense of your choice. *Defensive Challenge* By taking a -2 …