Tag: organizations


  • Turlough's Steel

    A well-regarded mercenary company headquartered in [[Waterdeep]]. Known members or associates of Turlough's Steel: [[:43675 | Kresh]], [[:43676 | Kargil]], [[:43677 | Allyson Sweetvine]], [[:43678 | Alfred Sweetvine]], [[:43679 | Gnif]]

  • Kobold Cohorts

    Kobolds, at least in the area of the Sword Coast, don't live in tribes. Rather, they organize themselves into units they call weirs, though humans call them cohorts, since they seem reminiscent of the great legions of yore, but for the much smaller size …

  • Waterdeep Jewelers Guild

    One of the more powerful guilds in [[Waterdeep]], it is led by long-time guildmaster [[:44348|Eldreth Deepwater]], an Eladrin who is said to have some human blood. Other known members include [[:44347|Alden Goldsmith]] and [[Hannes Silverman]]

  • Order of Olde Magicks

    A society dedicated to the preservation of magical knowledge, particularly concerning itself with magical knowledge of times before the [[Great Cataclysm]] and even earlier than that. Many of the members are devotees of [[Oghma]], but it is not a …

  • Plumbers and Cellarers

    One of the most powerful guilds in [[Waterdeep]]. Their chief responsibility is to take care of the [[Waterdeep sewers]], which are quite extensive.

  • Blackspear Tribe

    A tribe of orcs from [[Abeir]] in the lands to the northwest of the city corresponding to [[Silverymoon]]. Their chief is [[Lungrik]], their main shaman his sister [[Lurtma]], and one of the up and coming young war leaders is [[Oogrik]] who ran the [[Bak …

  • Black Hoods

    Seemingly led by [[:44328 | The Hooded One]], the Black Hoods is a group in [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep]] that seems to be bent on racially purifying Waterdeep from malign influences, such as half-orcs. There has been at least one incident of shop vandalism …

  • Citizen's Militia

    A group formed with the stated purpose of enhancing the safety of the citizen's of [[Waterdeep]] after the city was attacked by a demon. Suspected to be connected to the [[Black Hoods]] and [[:44328 | The Hooded One]].

  • Kingdom of Many Arrows

    An orcish kingdom of the North, near the Spine of the World mountains, on the far side of the [[Glimmerwood]] from [[Silverymoon]]. The King of Many Arrows, [[Balzak IV]] is interested in expanding commerce with the other cities of Western Faerun. …