The Thundering Herd

Win the little lady a kewpie doll!

Upon arriving at Helensville, the intrepid adventurers from Turlough’s Steel camped for the night at the Helensville Fairgrounds. The next day began with the adventurers exploring the Festival of Sune fair. Gnf visited the various tents and stalls, looking for anyone of a magical, arcane persuasion. He found one tent, run by a woman named Zelma. Zelma’s stall was full of items woven out of hemp and rope, macrame type items, decorative ropes and nets. What Gnf noticed is that she offered charms against the blue fire spellplague. When Gnf asked her about the spellplague and where it was worst, she indicated that it was worst to the south, but was no more specific than that.

Alfred Sweetvine spent the morning meeting all the pretty girls at the fair, and playing beanbag toss games trying to win prizes for them. However, he was able to glean some chatter from some of the girls about sightings of the blue fire to the north of the fairgrounds.

His sister Allyson spent the morning in Sune’s Garden part of the shrine to Sune that the fairgrounds adjoins. Celine spent her morning similarly at the shrine.

Max assessed the peddlers at the fair in a way that only the son of a travelling merchant could, and one tent stood out to him as unusual. Approaching the tent, he found some very standard fare for sale, but some unusual people running the stand. Or rather, some normal people with an unusual interest in blue fire spellplague. Consulting briefly with other party members, Max decided to tell them of the party’s previous encounters with spellplague and The Queen of Beasts. The person in charge of the tent was named Cristobal and in return described himself as belonging to a group known as The Order of the Blue Flame, a group that dedicates itself to combating spell plague.

Cristobal was quite surprised to hear the evidence, presented by Lyra and Aprilane, that the Queen had mastered some ritual or potion to infect creatures with spellplague. Cristobal, and the Order, had thought till now that spellplague was a completely chaotic force, which could not be controlled.

Since the party had seen some signs that the Queen was involved here as well, Cristobal asked them to gather some creatures that had been infected, and possibly try to learn more about where the spellplague was concentrated and how it was spreading.

Gnf studied the arcane traces of spellplague as best he could, venturing first to the south, as indicated by Zelma. However, the traces there grew ever fainter, and he eventually shifted to the north, managing to find traces that seemed to lead to an area with tall grass and a few scattered hills.

Alfred and Allyson tried to trap some spellplagued rats in the trash heap of the fairgrounds but met with little success. Aprilane went abroad further and was able to trap several creatures, including some live birds, which were spellplagued. Meanwhile Lyra studied the ecology and eventually reached the conclusion that the spellplague was affecting insects, and that this would result in a massive contamination of the ecosystem. Max scouted further afield, finding and following a herd of wild horses. While remaining hidden and watching, he discovered that a portion of the herd had become infected with the spellplague. While heading back to the fairgrounds, he observed that, along with the thunderstorm moving in, the spellplagued wild horses were also attacking.

While the normal guard worked on evacuating the fairgrounds, the party stood as its last line of defense. The managed to defeat the spellplague-crazed horses handily, despite being knocked to the ground more than a few times. As the battle ended, a flash of lighting silhouetted the figure of the Queen of the Beasts, astride a mount, at some distance off, shaking a raised spear in defiance.



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