Pulling the Strands

After resting for the night in Helensville, the group from Turlough’s Steel woke to find the fairgrounds under assault from some Beastcallers and flocks of murderous, spellplagued ravens.

These were fought off by Allyson and Alfred Sweetvine, Gnf, Max, and Aprilane. Celine and Lyra helped the Helensville guard fend off another attack at the south of the camp. In the aftermath it was discovered that the mayor of Helensville was dead, apparently crushed by some large serpent. Also, the crone Zalma and her assistant had gone missing.

The group decided to track the assault backwards, leaving Celine and Lyra to help with the guard, in case of further assaults.

Following the tracks, they fought spellplagued beetles in the tall grass. Next a great mass of spellplagued serpents, led by a were-serpent, blocked a stream that the tracks led across. Finally, they confronted Zalma in a fairly dense copse, where she was surrounded by spiders, who were not spellplagued. Upon her defeat, they discovered that she was a drow, and a priestess of Lolth.

Zalma had apparently been brewing a concoction that infected creatures with spellplague. Samples and equipment were found and turned over to Cristobal, who promised to study them and let the group know what he found.

And so the heroes headed back to Waterdeep, full of anticipation. Celine declined to come with them, saying that with the death of the mayor, Helensville needed her help with the guard.



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