This is the start page for reference material for my campaign. Overall, the campaign is set in Forgotten Realms™ setting as presented in the D&D Fourth Edition Forgotten Realms players guide and campaign setting.


We play D&D 4th Edition. PHB 1 and 2 are fair game. Psionics as a power source is not available as of yet. If you make good Power Cards (I can help you with that), you don’t need any books to play, just to level up your character. I have a few House Rules. I encourage characters to make some basic character outlines, what the character likes and dislikes, and develop some Hero Games-style disadvantages.


The campaign so for encompasses geography in the NW of Faerun, including the Gray Vale including the South Woods, Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, Silverymoon and the Nether Mountains and northward, and the Great Woods.

The Gods are pretty much as described, in general. One difference is that though the Gods remain the same, the way that they are worshiped has started to vary widely. In particular, the Goddess of magic, Mystra, was slain about 50 years ago, and the Weave through which most magic was accessed came unraveled, as did the Shadow Weave. This resulted in enormous upheaval.

The consequences of The Cataclysm are widely known, at least some of them. All the oldtimers have at least one tale of what happened then. If your character is over 50 years old, you might consider developing a story of where YOU were during the “Big One”.


One of the ideas that I want to explore is that few people think of themselves as evil. They might think that they are “doing what’s necessary”, or “fighting evil (with evil)”. And so on. However, I will have recognizable heavies.

Another is that I want fighting to be meaningful. There will be lots of action, I will strive for that. However, I think that most sentient beings have some sense of restraint about killing others of their “own kind”. I’ve extended the notion of “own kind” by means of The First Thought.


Alfred Sweetvine records his journal at The Bard Diaries.

Toldain (the GM) has a blog where he writes mostly about things other than this campaign at Toldain Talks


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