Prophecy of the Wanderer

Given by the White Prophet at Prophet’s Peak the following prophecy was given to Alfred Sweetvine, Allyson Sweetvine, Aprilane, Max, Gnf, and Ugrun:

When the worlds were young and the Thoughts were still few in number, the world teemed with jing.

One Thought wandered the lands and the seas, seeking other thoughts, but it found few, so it took comfort in the things of jing, which had no thoughts.

One such thing, a lowly thing of the common soil, noticed the Wandering Thought and in so doing, spawned ten thousand thoughts.

And the Wandering Thought was pleased, and continued wandering.

_The lowly thing, a worm, looked up at the mountainside and thought, “I wish to go there”. And so she stretched forth the wings she did not know she had and flew to the mountaintop. _

And so it was with other worms. Having thoughts, they became dragons. Being dragons, they ruled those creatures without thoughts. And they sought to rule each other.

Their wars were terrible, casting down mountains, flooding valleys, and burning forests. Many dragons fell, but it was of little consequence.

But one day, on wings as soft as a moths, shen came to dragonkind. With shen, they could see the shen of other dragons, and know the horror of their destruction.

Everything changed, but nothing changed. Dragons still warred and died. But some dragons also wept. They wept not only for other dragons, but for the creatures of only jing.

And somehow, with their attention, thoughts and also shen came to other creatures, through the dragons. In this way, all those with shen are inheritors of dragonkind.

In order to protect the inheritors tokens were made and distributed among the elders. These tokens are the legacy of dragonkind, and its sustenance as well.

The threat to dragonkind we face is one of isolation, and from isolation, fear, and from fear, hatred, and from hatred, dessication. We lose and continue to lose our connection with one another.

He who wanders has been lost, and his work in the world made null. This is a great doing, and it must be undone. It cannot be fully undone without the tokens of dragonkind.

You must gather the tokens, rally the dragons and their children, and undo this great wrong, lest we all die alone.

Prophecy of the Wanderer

Kala'Ushum Toldain