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  • Merrill

    Merrill was a loner traveling with a caravan which the party hired to guard. He kidnapped Jacob, one of [[Gwyneth]]'s sons, and took him to the [[Temple to Orcus]] nearby where he attempted a ritual using Jacob as a virgin sacrifice. The ritual …

  • Chess Silverman

    Brother to [[Hannes Silverman]], Chess is a sergeant in the town guard for [[Waterdeep]]. He has met the members of [[Turlough's Steel]] and was quite favorably impressed with their work on the Night of the Black Hoods.

  • The Queen of Beasts

    Little is yet known about the self-styled Queen of the Beasts. She appears to be perhaps a Shifter or maybe a full lycanthrope, it's unclear, though she has not been seen to change form fully. She has mastered a ritual that can imbue animals with a …

  • Ugrun

    Ugrun is an orc which the party met at Redspring. He had met [[Lyra]] and [[Aprilane]] some time earlier, in the [[Glimmerwood]]. Unusually for an orc, Ugrun wears a tabard (deep blue but with no device), and well maintained hide armor, a large shield …

  • Lyra

    A Shifter from the [[Glimmerwood]], Lyra constantly communes with the spirits, being a shaman. One such spirit is her constant companion, a ghostly bobcat, called "Bob" by many others.

  • Aprilane

    A human hunter and tracker from the [[Glimmerwood]], she was forced to leave her native lands when she shot a lycanthrope thinking it was a wolf, since the lycanthrope turned out to be Lenz, a sometime consort of [[The Queen of Beasts]].

  • Lungrik

    Chief of the [[Blackspear Tribe]] he bestowed full tribal membership and [[Bak Nur]] on [[:43677 | Allyson Sweetvine]], [[:44310 | Alfred Sweetvine]], [[:43680 | Max]], [[Gnf]], [[Ugrun]], [[Lyra]], and [[Aprilane]]. His sister is [[Lurtma]], shaman of …

  • Lurtma

    Sister to [[Lungrik | Lungrik]], High Shaman of the [[Blackspear Tribe]], she was quite interested in the tales of travel from [[Toril]] to her world, [[Abeir]].

  • Daval

    Daval was a guard working for [[Dunstan Oredigger | Dunstan Oredigger]] in [[Silverymoon]]. When Dunstan and Daval were going into the vault that Daval and his partner were guarding, the partner was killed, making Dunstan very paranoid. Daval, it …

  • Valsturia

    A half-elven bandit leader from [[Silverymoon]]. Working with [[Daval]], a bard-rogue who had managed to get hired as a guard by [[Dunstan Oredigger | Dunstan Oredigger]], she plotted to use some scrolls for controlling insects and putting guard to …

  • Mayor Grundi

    Mayor of [[Dragonwatch]] and feudal subject to [[Lord K'Lenth]] the ancient blue dragon the rules it.

  • Dragonwatch

    Small walled town on the main route between [[Waterdeep]] and [[Silverymoon]], near the [[Lost Peaks]]. The town is run by [[Mayor Grundi | Mayor Grundi]] on behalf of [[Lord K'Lenth]] an ancient blue dragon that resides in a keep nearby, flies in …

  • Shifty

    A doppelganger that has been known to take impersonation jobs from shady characters. Seen in [[Last Chance]], Shifty first appeared as a serving wench named Pearl. Later, Shifty impersonated [[:56339 | Ugrun]]. It's natural form has blue smooth skin, …

  • Celine

    Celine is a Paladin of Sune. She is based in [[Waterdeep]] and travels to nearby villages, planting and tending flowers, particularly roses, but other flowers as well. She especially wants all to be ready for the [[Midsummer Festival]].

  • Chaundakil

    A God, hitherto unknown to world, or was he? He was revealed to the troupe of adventurers from [[Turlough's Steel | Turlough's Steel]] in an extra-dimensional space now known as [[Chaundakil's Anchor]].

  • Melia

    Young daughter of [[:44348 | Eldreth Deepwater]], resident of [[Waterdeep]]

  • Krendel

    Owner of a small weapons shop in [[Waterdeep]], Krendel is a former member of the Waterdeep Guard. When he lost the lower part of his left leg, he learned to make items useful to fighting types, such as enchanted arrows.

  • Glurk

    Some sort of aide-de-camp for Ugrun at the [[Kingdom of Many Arrows]] Embassy in [[Waterdeep]]. Shows a predilection for lacy-frilly shirts and collars, and a keen sense of commerce and negotiation.

  • Tulvin Narnari

    A scholar who lives in [[Silverymoon]], author of "Strange Magical Phenomena", and authority on such matters as planar rifts and interplanar confluences.

  • Speaker

    Leader of the [[Waterdeep Council]] and the only member of said council who's identity is public.

  • Rosalie

    Head priestess of the Temple of [[The Gods|Sune]] in [[Waterdeep]].

  • K'lenth

    An ancient blue dragon that controls territory in the vicinity of [[Dragonwatch]] and has for centuries. K'lenth seems content to rule his territory as a hereditary baron, and is known for his strict accounting and watchful eye. K'lenth lives in a …

  • The White Prophet

    An ancient white dragon that lives on [[Prophet's Peak]] a tall mountain to the east of [[Dragonwatch]] and the keep of [[K'lenth | K'lenth]]. Visited by [[:44310 | Alfred Sweetvine]], [[:43677 | Allyson Sweetvine]], [[:58937 | Aprilane]], [[:gnf | Gnf …

  • White Prophet

    An ancient White Dragon known for her prophetic gift. [[K'Lenth]] made his keep in accord with one of her prophecies, and she uttered the [[Prophecy of the Wanderer | Prophecy of the Wanderer]].

  • The Hooded One

    The Hooded One wears a black hood with eye and mouth slits, along with black robes covering his He is a political operator of the highest order, a member of the Waterdeep council, under his secret identity Alden Smith. This, by …