Caravan to Daggerford

The caravan proceeded well at first, despite a little trouble from some kobold raiders, and some stirges at the waterhole. That night after supper, stories are told around the campfire. Gwyneth, traveling to Waterdeep with her two sons, Jacob and Nathan, tells the story of Hansel and Gretel. Merrill, a passenger who has otherwise kept to himself, tells of an intrepid soul who used a ritual to bind a demon and have it grant him a wish, but he was a fool. Kargil tells of fighting some zombies in these parts, years ago. Cedric, a merchant, tells that he heard there was once a temple to Orcus in these parts, though it was sealed long ago.

The next morning, Kargil is very sick. Gwyneth has some healing lore and tells the other guards that she needs them to find some selsun plants which grow nearby. So Allyson, Alfred, Max and Gnif go out to find the, and return with enough to ensure that Kargil has a speedy recovery.

Which was fortunate because the caravan was ambushed later that day by some bandits who used giant beetles and smoke pots to sow confusion. Kargil was well enough to fire his crossbow from his seat on a wagon. Once the bandits saw that the caravan was heavily guarded, they tried to simply grab cargo and run off. The leader fought with Allyson, but with some help from Kargil and others, he was defeated as well.

The next morning the company awoke to find that Jacob was missing, along with Merrill. Nathan says he saw Merrill looking at an old scroll, and when Merrill went to relieve himself, Nathan peeked at it and it said something about “rectivating” it in the name of “Ocrus”, and how it needed a “vigrin”.

From this the party concluded that Merrill was trying to reactivate the nearby shrine to Orcus, using Jacob as a virgin sacrifice.

After a very tiring overland trek to find the temple, they finally arrived and found a very old fenced area with just a few buildings and a larger underground temple.

At the temple entrance, deactivated a divinely powered trap, and many undead were put to rest before the party confronted a hooded Merrill standing before an altar with Jacob upon it, engaged in some elaborate ritual.

A battle ensued, in which the party discovered that somehow Merrill had transformed into a ghoul, while retaining his memories and identity as Merrill. Alfred darted in and grabbed Jacob off of the altar, while the others fought bravely against Merrill and his undead minions, finally defeating them and putting them back to the earth, and disrupting the ritual.

They returned to the caravan, which Kargil was guarding and the rest of the trip to Daggerford was uneventful.

Joining the Caravan

Allyson and Alfred Sweetvine found many caravans forming in Loudwater, where they went to look for work as guards. Alfred could offer some bardic rituals to make the caravan travel faster, and Allyson could offer, well her sword. They chatted with the Loudwater factor for Turlough’s Steel, Kresh and the chief guard Kargil, who tested them, along with a gnome wizard named Gnif, and a mysterious southern redhead named Max on a bunch of giant bugs of some sort in a pen.

They passed the test and all were hired, since there were serious worries this spring about bandits and an upswell in hostilities from the kobold cohorts.

That evening at the local tavern, Gnif met a girl gnome! Her name was Wynn, and she was a druid just starting out, patrolling the South Woods. Wynn seemed very friendly, and Gnif spent the evening talking to her. They also heard a rumor about a book or a scroll or something that had been stolen from the Tower of Vellum

In any case they were hired and set off with the caravan, which was headed for Waterdeep but need extra guards until it reached Daggerford.


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