The Hooded One

The Hooded one is known as such because he wears a black hood with eye and mouth slits to hide his identity.


This character is supposed to be hidden. If it isn’t, and you are in my campaign, please don’t read any further.

Rituals Known
  • [[Inciteful Speech]]
  • [[Rousing Chorus]]
  • [[Megaphone]]

The Hooded One wears a black hood with eye and mouth slits, along with black robes covering his <really>

He is a political operator of the highest order, a member of the Waterdeep council, under his secret identity Alden Smith. This, by the way, is still not his real name, which is Alden Gribblegrid. But that surname is a source of shame to him.

He has a deep-seated hatred and suspicion of non-human races, and especially for the half-human half-breeds. He sees Humans as superior and all his plots are aligned to foment the killing of humanoids.

However, he is quite capable of allying himself with non-humans in order to further his short-term goals.

As it turns out, he has a slight strain of goblin blood in his family history that he sees as quite shameful. His childhood friends knew about it and teased him for it.

The Black Hood has ambitions to rid Waterdeep and all of surrounding Sword Coast of all “malign influence”.

In order to advance this goal, he seeks * Political power in Waterdeep * To establish chapters of his “Foursquare Company” in all the human settlements in the area * To foment racial tensions and even outright warfare between the “impure” races. * To establish laws in Waterdeep forbidding “undesirables” to own property, hold office, and to register and wear a badge declaring their racial status. * To assasinate members of the Waterdeep Council that stand in the way of above race laws. * To seed the town guard and guild structures with members of the Foursquare Company * To become the defacto despot of Waterdeep, for its own good. * To research rituals that will detect the existence of racial blood, and purify it. * The ultimate ritual he seeks is one that will slay all those of a particular bloodline within a large radius. Such a radius can be amplified by using a place of power, or one of the planar overlaps. Thus he seeks to find and control the planar overlap points.

The Black Hood has very strong Persuasion skills, and this is enhanced by his knowledge and use of rituals that enhance his persuasive ability.

The Hooded One

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