Alfred Sweetvine

half-elf bard following his sister into a life of adventure - or a mercenary company, whatever.


Multiclass Bard/Rogue

Slender (not scrawny, thank you very much), short (by human standards) young man with coppery hair, warm brown eyes and a lopsided grin – and a tremendous amount of charm.

STR 11 CON 12 DEX 17 INT 14 WIS 14 CHA 21 HP 39 AC 17 FORT 13 REF 15 WILL 19

trained in arcana, bluff (with a specialty in Tall Tales), history, insight, perception and thievery (with a specialty in Disable Device) – with hobby training in Craft: Woodcarving, Perform: Flute (pan pipes) and Perform: Storytelling.

Leather armor, short sword (looking to trade up to rapier), sling (looking to trade up to hand crossbow)- now has Blackspear and longbow


Only son and youngest child of Clematis Sweetvine, a priestess of Mielikki, Alfred grew up in a semi-isolated cabin at the southwestern edge of the Southwood. With three-odd miles to the nearest village, his primary childhood playmate was his sister, Allyson – a closeness neither ever really outgrew.

They have only recently left their extremely rustic upbringing to join a mercenary company and begin to see the world and have adventures.

The journal entries (or some-such) of this charming and delightful young man, if he does say so himself – and he does – can be found at

Alfred Sweetvine

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