Meeting the White Prophet

Who's that girl?

Upon escorting the caravan of refugees from Waterdeep out of the city, the caravan headed out to Helensville, where a refugee camp was now being organized by Celine, who was now effectively both the Mayor of that town and the Guard Captain, since both were slain by the recent incursions of the Queen of the Beasts and her strange spellplague.

As the group headed away from Waterdeep, a very fancy coach, accompanied by armed soldiers on foot and horse approached Waterdeep. The only markings were a stylized letter “X” on shields, livery and the coach itself. There were curtains on the coach, but they drew aside and the face of a human woman peered out.

Max was in the vanguard of the caravan, as was usual. As the caravan approached he turned away, looking down at the ground at the side of the road. To a discerning eye, he seemed to be struggling to keep control of some unknown feelings. An astute observer might have noted that the eyes from the coach watched Max unguardedly for a moment, then flicked away when a harsher voice came from inside the coach, `What is it, Alia ? ’

The sparkling brown eyes resumed their guardedness and a woman’s voice replied, “Oh, just some craftsmen, nothing of note.” And a green-skinned hand with strangely thin fingers reached out and pulled the curtain shut. But to some of those watching the ring upon the first finger of that hand left an indelible impression. It was a gold ring, in the shape of a dragon, and it seemed as if it were something they had always known, and thought about constantly. Which was strange, since others of the caravan had not noticed the ring at all, and did not even remember discussing it when questioned later.

Once there, the group of mercenaries from Turlough’s Steel, our heroes, proceeded to deliver both Melia to Eldreth Deepwater and the custom-made dragon-sized spectacles to K’lenth, since Eldreth had sent word to them that he was staying at K’lenth’s keep near Dragonwatch. Ugrun resolved to go with them, since there were also rumors of difficult doings in Silverymoon he wished to investigate.

The journey went without incident, and soon they were in the courtyard of K’lenth’s castle, in the presence of a giant blue dragon – K’Lenth – and another, only slightly smaller, silver dragon – Eldreth Deepwater.

K’lenth found his new spectacles to be most satisfactory, and Eldreth’s embrace of his daughter was warm on both counts. During the dinner festivities, there was discussion of Chaundakil, whom K’lenth remembered. “Yes, a delightful man, I dined with him on occasion. Full of interesting tales. Was always travelling up and down my road. I wonder what became of him?”

This of course surprised Gnf and Alfred greatly, since any previous attempt to discuss Chaundakil with anyone other than those who had visited Chaundakil’s Anchor had been utterly futile, since some powerful magic seemed to make others forget that they had ever heard of the name or any mention of him. It appears that the wards of K’lenth’s keep (which prevent scrying or sending of any kind), built by the gnome arcanist and architect, Fenster Wockle, must have prevented K’lenth from being affected by these powerful magics. K’lenth replied to questions saying that the suggestion of the keep and the idea for its wards was given to him as a prophecy by a dragon known only as The White Prophet. A female white, she lives high in the nearby mountains.

But K’lenth and Eldreth have other concerns – the children of dragons seem to be having difficulties. Not kidnappings such Melia’s, but failure to thrive. Eggs do not hatch, young do not grow, or they are listless and melancholy. The problem is not great yet, but it is growing. They feel it is necessary to consult the White Prophet on this matter. However, there is a young red dragon about who seems inclined to poach on K’lenth’s territory, and Eldreth would prefer to remain in the castle, protecting his daughter as well.

So the party, Gnf, Max, Alfred, Ugrun, Aprilane, and Allyson Sweetvine, agreed to go to consult the White Prophet. And thus they journeyed deeper into the mountains.

As they approached the summit of Prophet’s Peak, the band of supplicants was attacked by a group of Rage Drakes. Apparently the drakes were aggressively defending their nests, since a clutch or two of eggs were found after the battle.

When they found the small caldera a large white dragon greeted them with names that seemed riddles or contraditions, as she called them forth one at a time. Alfred stepped forth first to tell her that the group sought her wisdom. She asked, “where is your sister?” When Allyson stepped to Alfred’s side, she called them “the brave and the beautiful”, nodding to Alfred and then Allyson. Gnf was called forth as “the great spirit”, Max “the lover”, Aprilane “a fine lady” and Ugrun “a noble soul”.

She said that she would go to her place of ritual and seek wisdom on the questions which the group was marked with, but they must keep vigil, watching over her eggs for the next 24 hour period. The party agreed and The White Prophet flew to a nearby peak and began incantations. Soon entering a trance, it was clear that she would be unreachable and unavailable to help with any defense.

Meanwhile the group set about securing the clutch of eggs. They were covered over with snow (which they were already nestling in) and the illusion of another nest created nearby. This proved handy when a band of harpies came by thinking to steal the eggs and feast on them. The song of these harpies gave those nearby a painful burning sensation, which in the end melted most of the snow laid about the eggs. But the decoy nest served its purpose, and the harpies repelled without damage to them.



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