The Cold Peak

Get Ready To Rumble!

Remaining on Prophet’s Peak overnight to guard the nest of The White Prophet were Alfred Sweetvine, Allyson Sweetvine, Aprilane, Max, Gnf, and Ugrun.

While on guard, they took note of a red dragon approaching. “What are you doing here?” was it’s challenge. Despite its attempts to appear threatening, Alfred couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t all that big of a dragon, smaller than the The White Prophet herself. And did its voice seem to crack just a bit. However, Alfred replied with a very pretty speech, “We guard the nest of the White Prophet at her behest, as she is engaged in a prophetic trance, as you can see on the nearby peak.”

Red Teen seemed taken aback, but spoiling for a fight. “Well, you do not seem worthy to guard her nest. I shall test you.” And with that, the rumble was on. Red Teen got in a few good breaths, but the party seemed to be getting the upper hand when he landed by the campfire as to warm himself, nodded, and said, “Hey, you guys are pretty good after all! I guess you can stay.” The best estimate of the party is that he had taken a beating, but wished to preserve his pride.

After a bit more discussion, a distant bellow was heard calling his name. “Ok, nice meeting you all, I got to run.”

Later, deep in the night, there was a final attack. This was carried out by goblins, commanded by a dark elf. They attempted an ambush, but were foiled by a trap that Aprilane had laid at the place where the path entered the cleared area in the mountaintop.

With the dawn, the White Prophet returned, uttering the Prophecy of the Wanderer. These words are so memorable that those who heard them have no trouble recalling them verbatim. She also bestowed upon them the Token of White Dragonkind in her possession, a cloak. It develops that the cloak that K’Lenth had given them was another such token.

Returning to K’Lenth’s keep, they discussed the prophecy with K’Lenth and Eldreth Deepwater. Eldreth said that he thought he would be able to gather tokens from the metallic dragons, but he might not be well received by some of the chromatics. K’Lenth nodded at this and opined that given the prophecy, it seemed as though the group was likely to cross paths with other chromatics.

With that, the party set off for Silverymoon to follow up on the invitation of Tulvin Narnari. Once out of K’Lenth’s keep, and it’s extensive wards against scrying and mental influence, they received a sending from Tulvin: Large army bearing symbol of red fist has plundered Sundahar. Now marching on Silverymoon. Approach with care. Sighted orcs, gnolls, ogres and others. Make haste.

Gnf replied to this: Mesage received. We’re on our way. We appreciate the warning, estimate arrival time 4 days.

In addition, sendings were made to Ugrun’s aide Glurk now in Helensville: Received Reports large orc gnoll ogre army plundered sundabar, marching Silverymoon bearing red fist symbol query info political situation.

Glurk’s reply was: red fist symbol associated with splinter religious faction, originally orcs, but expanding. Nomadic in nature, not thought threatening prior. Silverymoon needs Many Arrows, won’t accept?

Ugrun nodded at this and told the party that he would soon be leaving them, to go to Many Arrows and prepare, both to look to their defenses and to prepare to aid Silverymoon. But he would remain with the group until they approached Silverymoon.



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