Escaping Waterdeep With Orc in Tow

Are there any archers on the rooftops?

Having rescued Melia, the intrepid group of mercenaries from Turlough’s Steel turned their attention to getting Ugrun out of the house used by him as the embassy to Waterdeep from the Kingdom of Many Arrows. The house was surrounded by a mob of angry humans, who blamed orcs for the death of the Speaker of the Waterdeep Council.

A rescue attempt was coordinated when Gnf contacted Ugrun with a sending, receiving a return with a time and place: the back alley behind the house, and soon.

When the group arrived, Ugrun was accompanied by Glurk, who was carrying a lockbox or chest of some sort that seemed quite heavy.

The alley was not completely unguarded, but the party fought through successfully. One highlight was when Gnf closed off a narrow area between buildings with a web, considerably slowing the mobs approach.

With that accomplished, the group went to the Temple of Sune, where many refugees had been gathering. The party agreed to escort four wagons full of refugees (along with Glurk and the chest.)

As expected, more of the mob attacked the wagons on their way out the East Gate. Though perhaps mob was not the best word for it, since it seemed somewhat more organized than that. Max was the advance guard, and smoked out a few ambushers. But when he came to a “T” intersection where the caravan was to turn right, he found a largish organized force to the left and called for backup. Meanwhile, Aprilane finally spotted the archers on the rooftop that she had spent the entire day looking for. The wagons took some fire, but at last the gates were cleared and the danger past.

At this point Shifty took her leave. At least, Shifty was a her when she said goodbye to Alfred. She will remain in Waterdeep as Eldreth Deepwater’s agent and spy.



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