Breaking the Bond

At least its better than "It's a Small World"

Traveling through the Waterdeep sewers, the band of adventurers from [[Turlough’s Steel | Turlough’s Steel] found an extra-dimensional space with a circle of standing stone markers, a hearth in the middle with stew in a pot, benches around it, a table with some water and bread, and a God – Chaundakil – sitting on one of the benches, mute but smiling at them.

There were five bonds on Chaundakil, one of plain rope, another of a fiery aspect, one of a sparkly, cloudlike aspect. A fourth was earthy, almost of stone, but with a shadowed aspect, and a fifth at once watery and insubstantial.

There was scarcely any time to take this in, as a group of demons apparated with soft “pops”, and battle commenced. There were three waves in all. The third wave took the appearance not of demons but of Shadar-Kai, but when they were downed, they did not leave corporeal bodies.

As each wave was defeated, the rope bonds on Chaundakil appeared to weaken. After each wave, the defenders refreshed themselves by partaking or water, bread, or stew, or perhaps just resting on the comfortable benches, gaining some benefit that would normally require a longer rest.

One of the most memorable moments of the fight was when Max ghosted through the line of enemy Shadar-Kai warriors and downed their witch-commander in a single round.

As the final wave was defeated, the ropes dropped free of Chaundakil, and he faded from view, leaving a largish tome in his place. The gray of the area cleared, and blue sky was seen overhead. It looked as though they were on the top of a rise and could see for miles. Or perhaps tens or hundreds of miles. In fact, most of the places they looked for, they could see, by concentrating.

Aprilane attempted to orient herself according to compass directions, but found this impossible to do. Several party members looked at places such as Waterdeep and Silverymoon or even the Glimmerwood. However, no one was able to view the castle of K’lenth, although they could see Dragonwatch just fine. Content Not Found: 43679 and Alfred studied this phenomena for a bit, and concluded that it was something more than simple anti-scrying, since they likely would have been able to see a blur in place of the castle. That might be present, but there is also some form of mental influence that simply makes one ignore the castle entirely.

At this, Max decided to set off for Waterdeep, with Allyson following close behind. Gnf and Calfalas hurriedly finished their discussions and followed behind. As the travellers stepped out, it was impossible for them to determine how long the journey back to Waterdeep took. It might have been a moment, or an eternity, but the now familiar walking tune echoed in their heads, perhaps because it was simply one of those songs that is hard to stop thinking about. At some point, Alfred had the thought that “if time doesn’t have any meaning, that must mean I’m already there”, they arrived at the gates of Waterdeep.



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