Blue Fire in Helensville

On returning to Waterdeep the intrepid members of Turlough’s Steel did a little catching up with things. It seems that about two weeks had passed since they entered the Waterdeep Sewers.

Gnf assisted Calfalas in trying to decipher what seemed to be Chaundakil’s Journal, a recording of the comings and goings of an itinerant wanderer. But there are mentions of structures that he raised to assist his and other’s wanderings. These structures range from simple stone mileposts to something called The Anchor, which seems to correspond to the structure the party had just visited, and indeed where they met Chaundakil himself, freed one of the bonds on him, and came into posession of the journal.

Gnf’s and Calfalas’ attempts to find out more about Chaundakil’s Anchor and related sites met with little success. Gnf’s assidious efforts at making notations and notes to keep track of the offhand references proved afterward to read back to Gnf as merely fevered meanderings, making little sense. Calfalas said that he feared that there were strange magics at work, and that he was determined to foil any plot that kept one of the Gods from taking his proper place in the order of things. Calfalas will first attempt to index every word in the journal, just by count, and see if any patterns emerge. This will take a while, to be sure, but more direct methods seem to be thwarted.

Aprilane first went and purchased more magic arrows, and at the shop, she met and conversed with Krendel, owner of the shop, and maker of the magic arrows. Krendel, it seems is a former member of the Waterdeep Guard, until he lost the lower part of his leg, that is. At that point, he told Aprilane, he learned how to first cast rituals, and then learned the ritual for making magic items, and has stuck with making magical arrows.

Aprilane, armed with a bundle of many arrows, then made her way to the Embassy of Many Arrows, near the Waterdeep Tower in a rather posh neighborhood. Minding the front desk was an orc dressed rather fancily in lace and frills with a pair of Ben Franklin spectacles. His name was Glurk and he made haste to bid Aprilane welcome and seated her in a private reception room, where she was served tea and cucumber sandwiches. Eventually, Ugrun arrived and greeted Aprilane with a hearty forearm smash, and spiked her tea with a little bit of fine gnomish brandy. There was some discussion of trade negotiations, and particular difficulties with the textile trade. Aprilane told him of the party’s recent adventures, but no mention of Chaundakil seemed to stick with him. It was decided that Ugrun would hold a dinner and reception for his friends that evening.

Meanwhile, Max wandered the city a bit, ending up at Eldreth Deepwater’s shop, but Eldreth wasn’t there. The clerk in charge was taken aback when Max asked to do some goldsmithing, asking to see Max’s guild papers. Only the arrival of Eldreth’s daughter Melia, who identified Max as one of those who brought the gold caravan from Silverymoon, broke the stalemate.

Max spent the next several hours fashioning a gold ring, into which he set one of the gems he had obtained from recent adventures. He was quite impressed with the fine equipment the shop had, and with the meticulous care with which the raw gold was measured and logged. The final effort was quite pleasing, and he turned it over to the shopkeeper and went on his way.

Meanwhile, Lyra went to a small dingy tavern known as The Cave which was known to feature tribal-style dancing, and was a favorite among the gnolls, orcs, shifters and a few elfs of Waterdeep. The dancing impressed Lyra as being both familiar to her, but developed in a way she had never seen. It was dance not to bless the crops, ward of the spirits, or mourn the dead, but dance merely for the sake of dance, embracing all those elements and going beyond them. Lyra performed a very creditable dance for Chaundakil, which was well received, but any reference to the God was passed over as if it had not been mentioned.

Allyson Sweetvine, stayed at the inn, soaked in the bath, and got a massage to ease her tired muscles and wash away the scent of the sewers.

Alfred, meanwhile, went first to the temple of Mielikki, making offering and devotion, and thence to the temple of Sune, where he made a most generous offering and explained that the stone of Sune he had received there had guided him in a moment of need. This was well-received at the temple, as was Alfred’s generous donation.

Celine found Alfred there and told him that if he and his friends were willing, she might have need of them soon. Alfred arranged for an afternoon meeting in the taproom. At this meeting she told them of Helensville, a village a few days to the east of Waterdeep out on the fertile plain. Helensville was founded, at least in legend, by a devotee of Sune named Helen, who grew flowers there that were the most lush and full, and with the most extraordinary color. As the story goes, lovers found that a present of Helen’s flowers seemed always to be extra well received, and thus Helen, and by extension, Helensville, grew in reputation. Helen is long since passed on, but what purports to be her gardens still remain, and Helensville holds a festival of Sune every year in commemoration.

Celine is in the habit of attending this festival in an official capacity, and tends the flowers. A few days ago though, she received word from the mayor that the animals in the area had been acting oddly, and that there had been reports of a strange blue flame about some of them. The party immediately thought of spellplague, and assured Celine that they would go to Helensville with her.

But first they had dinner with Ugrun at the Many Arrows embassy. It was a night of lightheartedness. Aprilane and Alfred contrived to set up Allyson with one of the guards, a tall, burly orc named Thog. However, it did not go too smoothly, as Allyson became suspicious, and was somewhat unimpressed with Thog, despite the fact that he was taller than she, which is something Alfred knew her to find highly desirable. Furthermore, it seemed that Glurk was working against them, to purposes of his own. In fact, Glurk seemed to get the better of Alfred later in the evening, somehow contriving incessant interruptions and disturbances which would derail Alfred’s flirtations and maneuvers.

The next day, the party set out for Helensville. Along the way, they spotted many birds and animals, including a herd of wild horses raising a column in the distance. Shortly thereafter, some flocks of songbirds were seen to be behaving strangely. At first it looked as though they were chased by eagles, but then the blue flames on both the songbirds and the eagles were noticed, and the birds attacked. They were dealt with eventually, but they gave off a blue flame that sometimes scorched the adventurers, or perhaps it only touched their minds, it was hard to say. Max’s fire resistance meant little, though.

Afterward the party continued on, making it to the Helensville fairgrounds for a good nights rest.



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